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NVRAM Error saving config on Cat2950

After making an update to the config on a couple of Cat2950 switches running IOS 12.1(13)EA1, we attempt to "copy run star" but see the following:

switchA#copy ru st

Destination filename [startup-config]?

Building configuration...

% Warning: Saving this config to nvram may corrupt any network management or security files stored at the end of nvram.

Continue? [no]:


I have already tried the "service compress-config" but get the following:

switchA(config)#service compress-config

Boot ROMs do not support NVRAM compression.

Disabling service compress-config.

Issuing "dir nvram" reveals:

switchA#dir nvram:

Directory of nvram:/

22 -rw- 11754 <no date> startup-config

23 ---- 0 <no date> private-config

Issuing "show file system" reveals:

switchA#show file system

File Systems:

Size(b) Free(b) Type Flags Prefixes

* 7741440 2853376 flash rw flash:

- - opaque ro bs:

7741440 2853376 unknown rw zflash:

32768 - nvram rw nvram:

- - opaque rw null:

- - opaque rw system:

- - network rw tftp:

- - opaque ro xmodem:

- - opaque ro ymodem:

- - network rw rcp:

- - network rw ftp:

For now I am copying the config to tftp as a precaution, but really need to figure this out.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


John Rumball, CCNA

Sudbury Regional Hopsital

Cisco Employee

Re: NVRAM Error saving config on Cat2950

Community Member

Re: NVRAM Error saving config on Cat2950

Thanks very much. That's right on!

In the future, I must remember to search for bugs as I have a nack for stumbling across them. ;-)

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