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New Member

NVRAM problems in msfc/2

When I try to save a configuration (eg. wr mem) I get the following error:

"%Error opening nvram:startup-config (Invalid file name)"

I have already copy to tftp start-up from msfc/2 in slot 1 and then back to msfc/2 in slot 2. But nothing.

Can anyone help me?


Cisco Employee

Re: NVRAM problems in msfc/2

I have found a bug that fits the description of this problem (CSCdt19877)

and it is supposed to be fixed in 12.1(8a)E3 code for the MSFC2.


The problem happens because of the following offending line in the running

config of the Non-Designated Router (NDR)

boot config bootflash:

The aim is to remove this offending line from the config of the NDR and

save the config and reboot. It can be done either by doing a config t on

Designated Router (DR) and then doing a no on the above config. (It would

get synced to the other side), then do a write mem on the DR to save the

config and then reboot the NDR. The other way to do that is disable the

config sync on the DR, which would allow you to go into config mode on the

NDR. Then on the NDR do a no of the above command and then follow it with

a write mem and reload of the NDR.

Let me know if this helps.

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