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NW5 IPX RIP/SAP updates from 2621

NetWare5 server only displaying a small number of SAPed addresses, cisco router sap table looks fine.

Cisco router configured for EIGRP only, as I understand it IPX is automatically redistributed to RIP ! should be fine, however NetWare-Technical suggest you should re-configure the cisco to add ipx-rip routing???

IS there an issue with EIGRP redistribution to RIP ? or is NW5's fault ??

Any info appreciated



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Re: NW5 IPX RIP/SAP updates from 2621

Neither IPX nor SAP are routing protocols. IPX RIP is a routing protocol specifically intended to route IPX. So NetWare Technical Support is probably on to something.

global config command

ipx routing

and then interface subcommand

ipx network xxxx

enables the RIP and SAP processes on your router. I don't think EIGRP will come into play here. As far as I know, if you need to actually route IPX (as opposed to just running SAP on a local router), you will probably need IPX RIP enabled where ever you need IPX routed.


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Re: NW5 IPX RIP/SAP updates from 2621

I need to retract some of my first response. I read last night that RIP automatically redistributes to EIGRP by default. So I wondered if IPX RIP would do the same. I could find precious little in any of the Cisco books that I have, but I did find this passage on page 621 of BSCN:

To add EIGRP to a Novell RIP and SAP network, configure EIGRP on the Cisco router interfaces that connect to other Cisco router also running EIGRP. Configure RIP and SAP on the interfaces that connect to Novell hosts or Novell routers that do not support EIGRP. With EIGRP configured, periodic SAP updates are replaced with EIGRP incremental updates when an EIGRP peer is found. However, note that unless RIP is explicitly disabled for an IPX network number, both RIP and EIGRP will be active on the interface associated with that network number.

And then on page 622…

When you configure EIGRP for incremental SAP updates, you can do the following:

Retain RIP, in which case only the reliable transport of EIGRP is used for sending incremental SAP updates. (this is the preferred configuration over bandwidth-sensitive connections)

Turn off RIP, in which case EIGRP replaced RIP as the routing protocol.

So I was dead wrong about EIGRP not coming into play. It doesn’t have to, but it certainly can. Pure IPX RIP might be a little easier though. No details in the book about what commands to use to set up the EIGRP incremental updates but I’m sure CCO has plenty on that subject.

Sorry for the misinformation. I was speaking only from (limited) experience where we always ran IPX RIP along side of any other routing protocol.

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Re: NW5 IPX RIP/SAP updates from 2621

Cheers for the effort & info

Yes! I am only using EIGRP as the routing protocol, IPX RIP in not configured as bandwitdth is at a premium.

The 'EIGRP' routed IPX info should be automatically redistributed to IPX RIP and vice versa (not so with IP you do it manually). I'm not sure why the NetWare server seemed to lose SAP info but clearing the SAP address table in the cisco (clear ipx servers *) seems to have solved the issue. NW5 now has the correct SAP table. Only time will tell to see if it's stable.

thanks again


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Re: NW5 IPX RIP/SAP updates from 2621

I couldn't tell from the passages that I quoted if the incremental updates were enabled by default (I got that impression). So do the SAP entries in the server eventually timeout unless told otherwise?

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