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#of hops and # of interfaces (links)


the TTL field in the IP header is 8-bit. So, the max number of hops of IP packet never exceed 255.

But, what is the real max. number of hops that an IP address can traverse from the source host to the destination host?

P.S. 255 hops can be exhausted if the IP packet in the loop so the packet will be dropped?

Also, what is the max. number of output interfaces that can be connected to the backbone router?

i.e. if a packet comes to the backbone router, what is the max. number of out link options that a backbone router can have to send out this IP packet?

I really appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Dr. Bahattab

New Member

Re: #of hops and # of interfaces (links)


255 hops are the limit in IPv4 and IPv6. This counter prevents that a packet is circeling to long when it runs into a routing loop. If the TTL field is set to zero the

packet gets discarded and an ICMP message will be sended to the source IP of

the packet which informs the sender that the packet was discarded due to TTL exceeded.

I am not quit sure but I think, the only way to go behind that limit is to bridge the packet or to transport it through several IP tunnel.

regards Ulrich Marzoli

New Member

Re: #of hops and # of interfaces (links)


Many thanks for your Info. The last statement in your message is TRUE, but do you think you need 255 hops to go from a source host to a destination?

one time I was navigating in the Internet and I found that the average is 64 hops, but I'm sure if its true or not.!

Any comments?

I appreciate your time/

Dr. Bahattab

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