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Old Cisco Router 4000 Series Configuration

I apologize upfront but time is of the essence and I am a bit confused about this old router I found at my company. I am not to familar with these commands and needed to configure the router for basic internet connectivity. I have all relavant information such DHCP, DNS, IP addy, and Default Gateway. Basically I am having a hard time finding the area where I would configure these areas on my router. I was looking at configuring one of my ethernet modules to the internet IP addy and then running a configure network on the router. If anyone can add anything I would greatly appreciate it.

FYI. Have another ethernet port going to a switch.


Re: Old Cisco Router 4000 Series Configuration

There are several things you'd likely need to confgure to get your router working as you'd like to . Configuring from the network might not be what you want to do unless getting a configuration file from a TFTP server somewhere on your network that has the changes you desire. Config Terminal is what you need to enter to enter commands from your login. Typing "setup" also will start a bunch of questions for you to answer (need to be in enable mode) that will apply changes to your configuration of your router. If you need more specific information on how to do certain things please ask more specific questions if possible on how to do certain things.



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