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on-the-fly fax image conversion using AS5350

Can the AS5350 do image compression conversions on the fly?

We would like to use the AS5350 to do outbound fax sending. An Intel server would submit the faxes to the AS5350 using T.37 since T.38 would require extra HW in the Intel server.

If we pass fax images compressed using MH to the AS5350 and the access server connects to a fax machine that can accept a higher level of compression (MR or MMR), will the AS5350 convert the image to the higher compression on the fly or will it just send the image MH compressed?

On a related note, if we submit MR or MMR compressed files and the AS5350 connects to an old fax machine that can only accept MH compressed files, will the fax fail or will the AS5350, once again, convert on the fly.

Much appreciated.

Athir Nuaimi


Re: on-the-fly fax image conversion using AS5350

Since there has been no response to your post, it appears to be either too complex or too rare an issue for other forum members to assist you. If you don't get a suitable response to your post, you may wish to review our resources at the online Technical Assistance Center ( or speak with a TAC engineer. You can open a TAC case online at

If anyone else in the forum has some advice, please reply to this thread.

Thank you for posting.

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