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Only 50 concurrent users with 1812 router?

I know I may sound cheap here, but I am at a strict budget and can't really understand why the papers on the 1800 series has a recommended user level of 50 concurrent users.

I need to set up a LAN with internet access for up to 150 concurrent users, and I had my eyes on the 1812 (which has everything I want within my price range) until I saw the recommended figure of 50 in the data sheets. This is also the only place that states a recommended number (as far as I can find) and everywhere else it just says up to 50 VPN connections.

So basically, my question is; Would the 1812 be able to handle <150 concurrent internet users (2x10mbit connection), or is it limited to the recommended max 50 users only?

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Re: Only 50 concurrent users with 1812 router?


I am not sure what piece of documentation you were looking at where you saw a figure of 50 concurrent users or what it meant to covey about capacity. I can believe that this hardware may not scale above 50 concurrent VPN users, but I have great difficulty in believe that 50 LAN users will stress this machine (or 150). I am not clear when you say 2x10mbit whether that is one LAN interface for users and one LAN for outside connection. But I feel pretty comfortable that an 1812 can handle traffic for 150 LAN connected users.



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Re: Only 50 concurrent users with 1812 router?

Hi, the literature you may be referring to is talking about the number of VPN tunnels it is able to terminate on the router. As for the LAN side, yes this router should be able to easily handle capacity with 150 or more users. If you are not doing any VPN connections, do not worry about those numbers.

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Re: Only 50 concurrent users with 1812 router?

Thanks alot for this answer. This really helped and I now feel confident that the 1812 router will be sufficient for what I intend to do.

Just for clarification (and since you asked);

2x10mbit is referring to my internet connection. I will have two incomming lines of each 10mbit, so the load balancing in the router will be welcome.

The number of maximum concurrent users is stated in the product data sheet for the 1800-series.

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Re: Only 50 concurrent users with 1812 router?

well mate

this no. corresponds to max concurrent VPN connection. with a bandwidth of 20Mb (2*10) u can support more than 150 user on your LAN segment



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