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options for dedicated point-to-point T-1connection

The company I work for is acquiring a satellite office. We will be connected via a point-to-point T-1 connection. Currently our network is composed of two subnets ( & The will not be affected by the restructure. However, the people in the satellite office will need to access network resources in the subnet. They will also access the Internet via's gateway.

I'm in the process of learning routing, but really do not have any design experience. What are my options to complete the above objectives. I want to give it shot on my own so that I may learn, but am reluctant where to start. I understand I'll need two routers, most likely 1701 or 1702 routers. However, I'm not sure how I will get both networks to talk. Any input or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you.


Re: options for dedicated point-to-point T-1connection

If you already have one router, (for your internet connection at the Main office) you can add a wic for a point to point T1 on that router (if it has a free slot), so that you can save on one router at the main office. Otherwise you will need two routers, to terminate the T1 line at the main and satellite office.

You will need to assign a network address (say for the satellite office lan and for the wan link between the two offices (say . Once the T1 is up, each router needs to know how to reach the remote lan.

For this you will need to either configure static routes or run a routing protocol. A routing protocol such as RIP is just fine for your network. Check this link to learn more on RIP,

Let us know if it works out.

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