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We have an ospf network with 3 areas configured and we get this error message on the area border router of Area 2

%OSPF-4-ERRRCV: Received invalid packet: mismatch area ID, from backbone area must be virtual-link but not found from, Ethernet0

There is a document on cisco tacs which deals with this but unfortunately it doesnt solve the problem. I would like someone to read the configurations given below and suggest the solution

3 cisco 2500 routers have been used and the

The network is configured in following way,

Say Router A is in Area 0 and Area 1, has

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Router A---------------

Ethernet E0 with ip address

Serial S0 with ip address

Serial S1 with ip address

Loopback 0 with ip address

with following ospf configuration :


router ospf 1

network area 1

network area 0

area 1 virtual-link

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------End router A------

Router B which is Area 1 has the following

Ethernet E0

Serial S0 (connected to S0 of router A)

Serial S1 connected to S1 of router C)

which has ospf configuration

router ospf 1

network area 1

network area 1


Router C which is in Area 1 and 2

Ethernet E0 which has ip address

Serial S1 connected to S1 of router B)

which has ospf configuration

network area 1

network area 2

area 1 virtual-link

Community Member


Without reading your config because I am lazy, the error means that you have multiple routers on the same physical network with different area IDs.

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