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OSPF authentication over non-backbone area

I have a problem getting an inter area route across a frame cloud. There is a virtual link created which shows itself up. The virtual link is up at both ends but their is no route in the route table at the edge routers. There is authentication configured and the proper key is used. Any sample configs of authentication of a non backbone area?


Re: OSPF authentication over non-backbone area


Check the following link, has a good example on virtual link auth.

Info on mising routes -

When the virtual link just shows up it's not necessarily functional. Ensure that the neighbor relation is in full state between the the ABR's across the transit Area.

One of the way I use to ensure Virtual link is funactional is to execute # sh IP ospf neighbor (Virtual link end where the ABR connecting to backbone)- and look for the router id of the ABR connecting the isolated area to the backbone via transit in the neighbor table on the backbone router and status is Full.

You can also check # sh IP ospf Database - under area 0, router links, Router id of the ABR connecting the isolated area to the backbone via transit

Make sure you have configured authentication on the router (in the non-backbone area) where Virtual link is configured. Since this router is connected to the backbone via the virtual link, if authentication is configured in the backbone area, it needs to be configured on this router also.

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