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OSPF comparison to IS-IS

We need to migrate our network to support MPLS-TE.

We currently run EIGRP and need to go to a link-state protocol.

Has anyone gone through this exercise?


Re: OSPF comparison to IS-IS

I thought there was some case study out there someplace on this, but I can't seem to find it at the moment. There are a number of ways to do this (if you definitely need to do it), but the "neatest" is to configure the new routing protocol on each router, setting the admin distance so none of the routes from the routing protocol are installed in the routing table. Once they are all configured, you can check the database to make certain things are right, then simply walk through the network changing the admin distance on all of them.

Your topic also suggests you would like to compare ospf and is-is, which is a very complicated tasks. I would suggest talking to your local SE, or contact me directly, and let us work this off line, rather than in a thread here....



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Re: OSPF comparison to IS-IS

Hi paul,

Im nt sure if you would have to migrate to ISIS in the first place just to support MPLS TE.I think the same can be achieved even with OSPF.In fact with feature like AUTO Bandwidth and Auto becomes mcuh easier to implement.I think it would require somemore investigation and suggest you give it some more thought.



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