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OSPF Failover

I was looking for some advice on OSPF. ( or other if more appropriate ) The scenario is a Windows 2000 AD Server with routing and remote access OSPF turned on. A Cisco 2500 Router with OSPF Setup. The Remote office workstations Default Route is the Windows 2000 Server. Which then sends traffic to the Cisco if the traffic is going back to the Main Office. ( Point to Point T-1 ) They ordered a Satellite internet access as the backup communication line after 911 due to the fact that there are no land lines. From Which I can setup a VPN from the Windows 2000 Server to my 3005 VPN Concentrator back at the main office. The Problem is the Satellite only has a USB port.

What I wanted to do was setup OSPF on the Windows server so if the t-1 goes down all traffic goes across the Satellite. but when I try to get the Cisco to talk to the Windows 2000 Server I get the following error on the Cisco.

"Mismatch Authentication type, Input packet specified type 1, we use type 0"

Beside "what the hell does that error mean". is this even the right approach or is there a better way to setup the fail over?


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Re: OSPF Failover


You can have authentication with OSPF. From the message you posted "Mismatch Authentication type, Input packet specified type 1, we use type 0", I think the Windows machine is using some type of authentication and the Cisco is using none. You can have two types of authentication: clear text and MD5. If the windows machine is using authentication you'll have to use the same type of authentication and password.

Hope this helps.


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