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OSPF redistribution of static routes

Hi together,

we want to redistribute our static routes into the OPSF Process.

So far so good for this we used the "redistribute static" command.

But now we want to filter some static routes out so that they are not propagated via OSPF.

For this issue we configured an distribute-list. But the Router don´t accept the command with the "out" keyword (distrbute-list 1 out serial 0.1).

Is there another possibility to prevent that some static routes are distribute over particular Subinterfaces. ???

Maybe with route-maps ??

For this issue , it would be very kind from you to deliver a sample configuration.



Re: OSPF redistribution of static routes

This will deny network from being injected into OSPF but will allow all other statics to be injected

ip route

ip route

access-list 1 deny

access-list 1permit any

route-map deny192.168 10

match ip-address 1

router ospf 1

redistribute static metric x metric-type x subnets route-map deny192.168

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Re: OSPF redistribution of static routes

We have configured the Route map like described.

But we still have this route in the OSPF Database under external LSA´s and therefore the external LSA will be forwarded to all Routers in the Area. And that is what we like to prevent.

Is it possible to filter some LSA´s ??

Or can we prevent that the router insert the (filtered) static route in the LSA database ??


Re: OSPF redistribution of static routes

is the routing bit set in the LSA ?

You can try to clear the type 5's out of the database by using the 'clear ip o redistribution' command . This is non intrusive and clears all the type 5's out of the database. After you clear the type 5's see if it comes back, If it comes back see who is advertising the route .

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