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OSPF restrictions to redistribute secondary IP networks???

Does anybody know if there is any kind of restriction to redistribute (OSPF) an ip network that is configured as secondary on an ethernet interface.

I mean it works fine just using the network command?

It works fine using redistribute connected command?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: OSPF restrictions to redistribute secondary IP networks???

You can use either network command or redistribute connected command. redistribute connected command will make the device as ASBR so you have to watch out. That means you have make the area into a NSSA if you want the area to be stubby. I also found that if you have a neighbour on that interface, then you don't have to either of the options. hope this helps....

Re: OSPF restrictions to redistribute secondary IP networks???

There are two restrictions with secondary addresses when using OSPF:

1. OSPF will advertise a secondary network or subnet only if it is also running on the primary network.

2. OSPF sees thes secondary networks as stub networks (no neighbors) and will not send hello's on them, so no adjacencies will ever be formed, other OSPF speakers will never be seen on the secondary network

- that is unlike RIP that will broadcast & listen on both the primary IP network and the secondary so other routers can exist on either network.

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