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OSPF route filtering

Can anyone please tell me how I can stop static routes from being redistributed to one router but continue to be redistributed to another? All router are in the same OSPF autonomous system 1:

Please see router output below:




router ospf 1


redistribute static subnets

network area 0

network area 3


I am redistributing my static routes into OSPF. I want ROUTER A to receive the statics, but don't want ROUTER C to receive the statics. Any suggestions?



Re: OSPF route filtering

OSPF has the behaviour of sending routes as LSAs and not copies of routing table. So if you put a output filter to filter routes in router B, you will still see the LSAs in A and C, and routes wont get filtered. SO you might want to put a input filter list at C to filter routes from coming into the routing table of C. Still you will see the LSA in the database of C.

configure a distribute-list in C

router ospf 10

distribute-list 10 in

acces-list 10 permit

permit those networks you want to see, the rest will be denied and wont be in the routing table.

Hope it helps

Re: OSPF route filtering

Funny this should come up, I was just talking with someone about this is morning.

From Cisco: "OSPF routes can't be filtered from entering the OSPF database. The distribute-list in command only filters routes from entering the routing table, but it doesn't prevent link-state packets from being propagated.

The command distribute-list out works only on the routes being redistributed by the autonomous system boundary routers (ASBRs) into OSPF. It can be applied to external type 2 and external type 1 routes, but not to intra-area and inter-area routes."


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