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OTV Deployment with SVI defined in the firewall


I have the following scenario.

1) DC 1 is having a firewall(FW1) with NExus 7K

2) DC 2 is having a firewall(FW2) with NExus 7K

3) Both firewalls are independent of each other

4) SVI (Default Gateway) of VLAN 10 and Vlan 20 are defined in the firewall

5) OTV is deployed across the DC with VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 are overlayed across the DC

6) Server 1 is in VLAN 10 in DC 1 and server 2 is in VLAN 20 in DC 2

Question: When server 1 in vlan 10(DC1) wants to communicate to Server 2 in VLAN 20(DC2). The server1 forwards the traffic to the default gateway of VLAN 10(in this case the SVI of VLAN 10 defined in the firewall 1), passes the policy and uses the overlay interface to reach to server 2(VLAN 20 in DC 2)

Return traffic from server 20 would hit the default gateway of VLAN 20(in this case default gateway defined in the Firewall 2). which ideally is not required, it should directly use the overlay link and land on the Firewall 1 which is on the DC1.

Can anyone suggest a problem for this solution.


Henry Rose.

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