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New Member

Out-Lost counter incrementing

I have two ports on a Cat 5500 that each have the Out-Lost counter incrementing, despite the fact that neither port has anything plugged into it. When I do connect a device to either port, the status is connected and there are no other errors but the device cannot talk to the network.

A hand held cable tester at the other end of the UTP cable shows the switch port as inactive, which I've never seen before - it would usually display the port speed or tell me which pairs in the cable are open if there was an error.


Re: Out-Lost counter incrementing

The issue might be with the port .These ports might have gone bad. That is the reason why it is showing errors and the devices connected are not able to talk to the network. Regarding the cable tester, actually it shows the cable breaks, impedence mismatchs etc. and most of the things relevent to the cable only. But inyour case , I too wonder why it is showing the port status.


Re: Out-Lost counter incrementing

Out-Lost Packets are packets which could not be transmitted

since the output buffers are full. But since you mentioned

that no device is connected to these ports, port mirroring

just came into my mind. Is it enabled on these ports?

(Just a thought.)

Have you also tried disabling and re-enabling the ports?

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