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Outgoing http access problem

We are running a cisco 2621 os 11.3. We have acls on both inside and outside interfaces and ip inspect rules on incoming traffic for both interfaces. All machines behind the router have intermittent access to the internet for http only.

We've modifed acls and removed the ip inspect lines from the config but still have problems accessing certain sites on the internet.

We are not sure how to further diagnose the problem.

Our isp has investigated peering problems but say that the other sites are working fine when testing the line. Has anyone any ideas please??

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Re: Outgoing http access problem

make sure you have a

no ip classless

statement in the config

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Re: Outgoing http access problem


We tried this but with no effect. A few sites we can get to fine e.g., but is very slow.

It seems to us it was a peering/routing issue but the isp said it was fine when they tested the line.

Im not sure how we might be able to prove it to them.


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Re: Outgoing http access problem

Hi Chris,

I had similar prob the other day. It was a 2600 running CBAC as your is, installed was DRAM upgrade from 32-48M. The initial sign I had was telneting in and running debug IP packet. Careful with that command though as a heavily utilised router can spit out LOADS to the console and keep going for what seems forever!! As soon as I entered the command the router fell over - not completely however. The interfaces stayed up but traffic was interrupted for about 5 mins and the router recovered itself.

show processes cpu and show processes mem gave an indication that the memory was getting a severe beasting from all the traffic. Initially the router was installed for web and mail for about 100 people, but with time the amount of users grew and no-one thought about the load out on the router.

The fix was upgrade the IOS to c2600-io3-mz.122-1b.bin and upgrade the DRAM to 64M

Hope this is of some help


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Re: Outgoing http access problem

Hi Ali,

We investigated this, the cpu and mem was fine ok with a lot spare, its only outgoing traffic that is affected, incoming is fine. An upgrade would be a good idea nevertheless.

We have bunged the problem back to our isp for now!

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