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Overflow cell discards in BPX

Hi there,

Does anyone know what causes overflow cell discards on a con in a BPX? No random guess replies, please.

When I display on a BPX a connection's statistics, using dspchstats <con>, I am seeing on occasion a non-zero (and incrementing) count for:

Oflw CLP0 Dscd, and Oflw CLP1 Dscd

Now, if the customer was exceeding the allowed policing parameters their cells would be discarded as:

NonCmplnt Dscd, NCmp CLP0 Dscd, or NCmp CLP1 Dscd

The only documentation I can find on Cisco's website on overflow cell discards can be found at:

which described Oflw CLP0 Dscd as:

Receive CLP 0 user cells discarded due to a VC_Q overflow (Ingress)

I've observed these Oflw CLP0 Dscds on vbr and abr circuits and even on circuits that I've sized the VC_Q appropriately (and what can you do when the circuit is VBR and doesn't have a VC_Q setting?).


Re: Overflow cell discards in BPX

I know about the bug CSCdt43663 which is related to the Oflw CLP0 Dscd counter. Since you have already set the approptiate VC_Q size, check if it is related to what you are observing.

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