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overhaul all ip addresses

I need to change all the ip addresses of all the servers in a token ring network running Windows 2000. I know that I need to change the ip address entries in my DNS servers as well as routing tables of remote routers. Can somebody give an outline on what to do (step by step)and where to start? Do I need to re-boot all my servers and remote and local routers after the changes? How do I save the configuration changes in routers. Is that simply SAVE command? Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee

Re: overhaul all ip addresses

I'll focus primarily on the IOS-related issues for you. To aid in your migration, you can used secondary addresses on your interfaces which the servers are connected to. This will permit you to have two or more network addressing schemes active on the same physical network.


interface ethernet 0

ip address

ip address secondary

ip address secondary

The URL below provides more information:

To save your configuration on Cisco routers, you can simply issue the Exec command "wr" (short for write), or the longer command "copy running-config startup-config".

Rebooting Cisco IOS devices is not necessary, as the changes you make to the configuration take effect as soon as you strike [Enter] after typing a command.

It appears that you understand the DNS and Routing considerations. The Windows NT server administration is outside the scope of this forum, but you can often re-address them without needing to reboot...however, you should always have a plan to do so if necessary. Also, all nodes on the networks getting re-addressed must have both their host address and their gateway address updated to refect the new network numbering. -DB

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Re: overhaul all ip addresses


Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.

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