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Overide unshorted serial cable in IOS

We just bought some used 2501 routers for educational purposes. Along with the routers came serial cables (DB-60 to V.35) so we could connect the routers back to back. After hours of troubleshooting we measured the cables and found out that the cables (DCE) had no shortening between the pins that are used by the router to detect the cable type.

My questions is:

Is there any chance we could override the cable detection in IOS so that the router brings the interface to state “up” without checking the cable? (The cable passed our measure test in all other aspects, i.e. the cable is functional, the only thing that is wrong is that the shoring pins is not shorted.)

If not, I believe we have to crack the cable open and short the pins manually?

(Do I need to point out that the cables obviously not are Cisco original?)



Re: Overide unshorted serial cable in IOS

I would suggest you to use cisco provided cables. If that is not affordable seek a professional cable maker's help to have this done. Improper cabling can spoil your hardware.

Answering your question, there is no command to bypass this checking as far as i know.

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