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Override Tag Priority?...grrrr...Help!


I want to config a trunk port on my switch to override the priority value in any tagged frames. I have read the manual and it seems that this is possible but I cannot seem to figure out the correct syntax for the command that does it.

This is the section from the manual:


switchport priority {default default-priority-id | extend {cos value | none | trust} | override}

no switchport priority {default default-priority-id | extend | override}

Syntax Description

default-priority-id The priority number for untagged traffic. The priority is a number from

0 to 7. Seven is the highest priority.

extend Set the 802.1p priority of the appliance.

• cos value—Override the 802.1p priority of devices connected to the

appliance. The cos value is a number from 0 to 7. Seven is the highest

priority. The cos keyword only applies to the 3524-PWR and the

3548 XL switches.

• none—The appliance is not instructed what to do with the priority.

• trust—Specify that the appliance should trust (honor) the received

802.1p priority from devices connected to it.

override Override the priority of tagged frames with the default value.


How do I use the "override" argument???



Cisco Employee

Re: Override Tag Priority?...grrrr...Help!

Specify whatever priority you want and then use the override command. Here is an example. This command is supported on WS-C3524-PWR and WS-

C3548-XL switches after the 12.0(5)XU version.

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