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packet per packet load sharing

hi, my question:

i have two routers which are connected over two links (same type, same speed).

now i want to change from per destination to per packet load-sharing.

i know there is the command "ip load-shar per packet" but my question:

must i use this command on all 4 interfaces (2 interfaces - two router),

or must i only configure this on one interface per router ??

thanks for answer !


Re: packet per packet load sharing

All interfaces that you wish to achieve per-packet load sharing would be configured with this.

Hope this helps you,


New Member

hi there. I have one doubt

hi there. I have one doubt pertaining to per-packet load-sharing. In order to connect my two remote sites- A & B, Site A is having two WAN links and Site B is having two WAN links - one from ISP1 (30Mbps link) and the other from ISP2 (50Mbps link). I am doing static route load balancing using same AD values for both the ISPs. I have configured "ip load-sharing per-packet" on both the outgoing interfaces.

The load is getting distributed equally across both the links but total bandwidth utilization across both the links is not going beyond 30Mbps. The combined bandwidth of both links is 80Mbps (50+30). However links are not getting fully utilized even though heavy load is there on the links. Can you please tell me how to make full use of both the wan links at both the ends?

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Re: packet per packet load sharing

As Don mentioned you need to configure " ip load-sharing per packet" on both routers and links connecting each other. You can verify it by using the show command " show ip cef < ip address > internal " . Hope this helps

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