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Packets are dropped !!!!!!!!!!

What actually happens when a packet is dropped on the internetwork ?

What does the term "drop" exactly mean ?

Is the packet extinguished/destroyed in any way ?


Re: Packets are dropped !!!!!!!!!!

A packet stored in memory is nothing but a sequence of 1s and 0s . When the router decides to drop a packet, say based on an access-list decision for example, which denies the packet, the router just erases the packet info stored in memory.

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Re: Packets are dropped !!!!!!!!!!

Packet drop can be bcos of b/w congestion or route filtering(access-list).in first case every packet has TTL and if a packet can not reach to it's destination in its defined TTL it will assumed to be dropped by the router .In seacond case it might be dropped bcos of access-list defined by the this case router will pass all the packets with allowed access and rest will be dropped(implicit deny).

In both the cases packet will be distroyed and that is the end user Application (or TCP) responsebility to request for the packet.

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