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Password Recovery

Hi all,

I have router for which I dont have the password to access the privileged mode. I was wondering whether the password recovery procedures on this website save the current configuration of the router as I dont want to reset the configuration i just need the password.

Sorry if this is a very basic question but this is the first time I have had to work with any network stuff...thanks in advance...


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Re: Password Recovery

Your startup configuration will not be lost. You'll be just ignoring start-up config by manipulating the config-register. Make sure you follow the recovery steps carefully else you might end up loosing the configs.


Re: Password Recovery

If you do it right it can save your config.

The idea is to interrupt the boot and tell it to ignore the config, not erase it. Then when it boots you have access to enable mode. Then you copy the config from startup to running, that makes your original config current. Then you can go into config mode and change the password and save then config with the new password.

DONT WRITE THE CONFIG until you copy start to run, thats how you can lose your config.

Dont forget to change the config register back or it will keep ignoring the config on bootup.

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