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Password Security Issues

I have a general question about the enable password.

The manual states that the "normal" enable level 1 will give "normal" EXEC privlages, however with no level stated the default will be 15 which is the "normal exec commands." I need to know technically WHAT IS THE MOST SECURE LEVEL 1 OR 15 AND WHAT COMMANDS DOES EACH ONE GIVE? I support a router and have the enable 15 level. Do I have all privlages or how can I check to see if there is a password level higher then mine?

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Re: Password Security Issues

Level 15 is the least secure in that it allows all types of router commands to be used. Level 1 is most restrictive in that it only allows display type and non-critical commands. One way to tell what you can do at your level is to put a ? at the command prompt or after you enter a command to see what you have available.

If you are wanting to give others access to the router, such as a help desk, but do not want them to have the full array of commands use level 1 or level 3 and then if you have specific command(s) you need them to do that level 1 or 3 does not allow you can then override the level of a command by using the privelege statement for that specific command.


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