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Performance degradation with Cisco 806 router

I purchashed a Cisco 806 router w/32 MB and the Firewall Feature Set. It is doing NAT, RIP, and IP forwarding of RDP traffic to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server. The users in the office can initially access the Internet, however, when several of these users do remote access via the router from home, the next morning Internet access does not work unless the router is rebooted. Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated.

New Member

Re: Performance degradation with Cisco 806 router

You might have an arp-cache-problem somewhere!!.

Try next time for rebooting your router try the 'clear arp'-command and let your users try again.

Edwin van Wijk

New Member

Re: Performance degradation with Cisco 806 router

Thanks I will definitely try that, but I wonder is their some performance tuning I may need to perform on the router i.e. like setting timers, buffers, etc...?

Cisco Employee

Re: Performance degradation with Cisco 806 router

I had the exact same problem on the same box running the same features.

The problem is that the router as an ethernet (10MB/sec) on one side and a BRI (64 or 128k) on the other side.

Because of the difference, it has to store lot of traffic into memory (or drop it which could be worst).

After a while, the router will be so low on memory that it can not recover and will stop forwarding traffic.

This problem is seen only with 12.2 and 12.2T version.

I eventually migrated bad to a 12.1 release without all the features but much more stable.

I would suggest you open a case with the TAC and report this as a bug.

You can give them my email address ( so they can contact me if they need to clarify this.


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