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I recently upgraded two of my central MSFCs to 12.1(11b)E2.

I'm running in Hybrid mode (CatOS un Sup1, IOS on MSFC).

Since then they've been constantly logging:

Aug 23 14:17:33 82383: .Aug 23 14:15:44 METDST: %PIM-6-INVALID_RP_JOIN: Received (*, Join from for invalid RP

explains that recommended action is "Configure all downstream leaf routers to join to the RP that is allowed by upstream routers toward the validated rendezvous point".

I'm running an Anycast-RP configuration with 2 routers sharing a single IP address ( acting as RP's and with an MSDP session between them.

All routers are in PIM Sparse Mode, and we're using PIM BSR (rather than Auto-RP) to announce the single RP, except for a few older boxes that have the RP address statically configured. as I recall it, is one of the addresses used by Auto-RP.

What's troubling me is that the RP address listed in the error message ( is correct, and the RPs are serving, so why the error?



I wonder if it's a bug you're running into. Have you talked to Cisco about it yet?

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Haven't taken it up with TAC yet.

Closest thing I could find was CSCdx72654, which concerns multicast boundaries, and CSCdt53991 which is Catalyst 3550 specific.


Check your Multicast routing tables for the Auto-RP Discovery group ( - by default ALL cisco routers configured for multicast will attempt to join this group to receive Auto-RP updates from any Mapping Agent that is sending them - this is not configurable.

Check also the PIM RP-MAPPING tables to see if the RP has some eroneouse information - I have had Auto-RP information 'stick' and the timeout age is displayed as 'Never'.

sho ip pim rp mapping

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