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Ping errors after moving host to another switch

Newbe searching for enlightenment . . .

I moved 10 file servers from one end of my switched network to the other end. About half worked just fine. The others were extremely slow or did not show up at all. Found pinging the problem server address failed entirely (on one), or returned a high loss rate - 10 to 30% ping success.

All switches are on one network with one vlan (no routers except default gateway to Internet - 250 hosts). Normal operation is very fast and the move was on a Saturday.

I ended up unplugging a switch intending to force a spanning tree reconfiguration. After a few minutes, everything was working as expected and has continued to run well.

Is there any explination why the switches would not recognize a host moving from one switch to another? The low ping success rate is a real head scratcher - why some rather than all or none?

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Re: Ping errors after moving host to another switch


Check you duplex and speed settings on the switch ports.

Set the duplex setting fixed, speed can set to auto.

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Re: Ping errors after moving host to another switch

Depending on how fast you moved them , their MAC address may not have timed out of the cam table on the old switch before you plugged them into the new ports which would be the cause of not being able to get to it . Once it times out it should work normally , this does account for the problem ping time problem , that sounds more like speed/duplex issues .

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