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Pipeline 75 to 2620-8BRI

Has anyone connected remote sites using Pipeline 75's to a central site using a 2600 with 8 BRI's? It looks like it should be a fairly straightforward setup but I can't seem to get them to connect. If I debug ISDN (everything) on the 2600, I don't see any activity... but if I dial Pipeline to Pipeline, they at least try to connect. My background is with the Cisco gear which I'm pretty sure is set up correctly, this is the first time I've looked at a Pipeline so I'd guess that's where my problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

New Member

Re: Pipeline 75 to 2620-8BRI

Yes this setup is possible, if you have confirmed the config on the cisco router is ok, you might want to contact Ascend regarding their config.

Cisco Employee

Re: Pipeline 75 to 2620-8BRI

You need to first make sure that isdn line is in sync with isdn switch at layer 2.

So issue "sh isdn status" and see the layer 2 status is Multiple_frame_established. If its not at that status, then you need to troubleshoot that first. Here is the link will help you for that

Now to troubleshoot the incoming call in the router, you need to issue "debug isdn q931". If the call is not coming in the router over bri, then you need to talk to local telco about that.

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