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Placing servers in multiple vlan's

We have a MS 2003 server with a Intel Pro/1000 XT NIC, we which to place this server in multiple vlan's to enable us to RIS build across different subnets.

Has anyone tried this? can it be done?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated



Re: Placing servers in multiple vlan's

Sure, probably the easiest way I would guess would be to utilize the 802.1q VLAN trunking feature of the NIC. Not sure of the specifics, but your drivers should allow you to determine which VLAN's on a trunk your server should listen to. It will then probably give you multiple virtual NIC's that you can configure up for each VLAN with a different IP address. Then simply trunk it back to your switch and your server will actually >be< on all the various VLAN's you want it to have a presence...

Should be fairly simple, it would all depend on the dot1q implementation of your NIC...

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Re: Placing servers in multiple vlan's


You can give multiple IPs to your server.

and accordingly you can configure the port on the switch. the command to copnfigure the switchport for multiple vlan is

switchport access multiple vlan

I am not sure about the command, but it is something like this only, you can mention the vlan IDs on which you want to give your server acces.

Manu Purushotam

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