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Policy-based routing

Can anyone provide feedback on the following policy-based routing scenario...

Router-A (primary) and Router-B (secondary) share a comman ethernet segment. Router-A has an ATM connection to Router-C. Router-B has a Frame Relay connection to Router-C. HSRP is configured on Router-A and Router-B such that Router-A is primary. I want to policy route all HTTP (TCP port 80) over the Frame Relay link on Router-B as long is it is up and active. If it goes down all HTTP traffic should be routed over the ATM link on Router-A. I've configured basic policy routing on Router-A that sends all HTTP traffic to Router-B but problems arise when the Frame Relay goes down. Any suggesions on how to configure policy routing for this scenario?

Cisco Employee

Re: Policy-based routing

we have no way inside policy routing to discover that the FR is down.

One solution could be to configure a gre tunnel between B and C over Frame-Relay (using loopback addresses as source).

When the FR goes down, the GRE tunnel traffic is re-routed to router A / ATM.

Routing can be done easily with 2 static routes.

ip route router-c-loopback router-c-fr-ip

ip route router-c-loopback router-a-ethernet

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