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Policy Map Question

I have the following policy map that I'm implementing. My question pertains to the BANDWIDTH REMAINING PERCENT that gets applied to the BHI and CLASS-DEFAULT classes. Is it proper to apply it as I have it, or do I need to give both of them bandwidth remaining statements that add up to 100% (i.e. I set BHI to 99 and the default one to 1)? I'm shooting for 80% RT bandwidth, 20% BHI, and whatever's left over to get the default

policy-map IPFRCOS

class RT

priority 576

set ip dscp ef

class BHI

bandwidth remaining percent 100

set ip dscp af31

class class-default

set ip dscp default


Re: Policy Map Question

I am expecting that in your case, " class-default" will not get any bandwidth during congestion. Because packets belonging to a default class with no configured features have no QoS functionality. These packets are placed into a FIFO queue and forwarded at a rate determined by the available underlying link bandwidth. This FIFO queue is managed by tail drop. So, I hope that configuring "bandwidth remaining percent" for both BHI and default classes is necessary. Please refer the following cisco doc for more information..

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