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Policy routing on cat 4006

I have a Catalyst 4006 running IOS and I want to configure policy routing on it.

I have configured the following:

ip access-list extended policyroute-acl

permit ip host

permit ip host

permit ip

permit ip

deny ip any any log


route-map policyroute permit 10

match ip address policyroute-acl

set ip next-hop


And I have enforced the route-map on a routed interface and an VLAN interface as follows:

interface FastEthernet6/48

no switchport

ip address

ip policy route-map policyroute

duplex full

speed 100

no cdp enable


interface Vlan11

ip address

no ip redirects

ip policy route-map policyroute

standby 11 ip

standby 11 priority 110

standby 11 preempt


However there is no policy routing match when I do a show route-map, no matter how I generate the traffic.

Does Cat 4006 (IOS) support policy routing? I have once configured similarly on Cat6509 MSFC and I have to add "mls rp ip route-map". Is there anything similar for Cat 4006?

Thanks in advance.

New Member

Re: Policy routing on cat 4006

Yes, PBR is supported on Sup3/Sup4, but check out the Limitations and Restrictions in the release notes: "ACL or route-map statistics cannot be updated."

Is the box actually policy-routing the traffic?



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