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polycom viewstation 128

Let's see if anyone can help...

For this discussion I will concentrate on two of our camera's. Both are viewstation 128's with 7.0 code. Both are connected to cat 5500's. One end is shared 10Mb and the other is switched 10Mb. The cat's are connected to our core switches (200Mb fiber) and they, in turn, are connected to our 6500 router. There's a point to point DS3 between them. No bandwidth issues between the core switches at both locations. Plenty of BW. However, we do a significant number of collisions at the port level on both end. Is this normal given the 1/2 duplex 10Mb connection. The reason I ask is we do experience jitter and latency problems on a frequent basis. I also have not turned up and MCU on this side of the WAN. I know, I know, queing should be implemented but there's plenty of BW on the WAN. Any idea's?

Thank you for your time....

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Re: polycom viewstation 128

Yes, plenty of bandwidth, but with no priorities set on your switch/routers, any web browser, file transfer, or mail pakcets, will force your voice/video packets to WAIT in line with everyone else. Setting priorities will usually cure any problems you might be seeing. You will get better results if you go from end to end and make sure 'all' your equipment is set up for voice/video. It sure helps, as any link in the chain will cause jitter/latency if not set up right. Cisco has plenty of documentation to get you on your way to a pleasent video experience.

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Re: polycom viewstation 128

Thanks for the information. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

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