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Port management tips for 4500/6500's

I am trying to manage about 400+ ports in 4500's and 6500's. running CatOS 7.4x . We name each port by cable drop. you would think the port would be named once and that would be it.

Nope, welcome to real world. Seems that we don't have enough ports

for some of the departments. The departments keep moving 20-30 pc's

every 2-3 weeks. Why, I don't know. My job is just to hook them up. I

gave up asking why they can't plan properly long ago. just accept it

and move on. :)

Trying to keep up with changing the port names and what ports go where

is becoming a nightmare. my method of using basic spreadsheets is

starting to lose the battle. I copy the "set port name 6/4 xyz" from

the configs into the spreadsheet, make modifications and past back to

the switch.

Does anyone have some spreadsheets or an access database that have

been used in the past to track ports that might be more automated than

what I have now?

Sorry, Ci$co Work$ is just to much $$$ and not in the budget.


Re: Port management tips for 4500/6500's

I can understand your problem. Keeping the documentation up- to-date in these cases are important, but very difficult.

On the switches, you can use some kind of stickers where you can write the name of the port and stick it to the cable. If the port assignment changes, peel off the old sticker and put the new one. This way, the rack will always have the correct labeling. I have done this in the past. Have a pack of stickers near the switch for easy access.

If you want the configs also to be updated, I guess configuring "set port name 6/4 xyz" each time the port changes seems to the only way.

Would help many if someone has a better idea on how to handle this issue. Thanks

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Re: Port management tips for 4500/6500's

I found a product called LanDb, open source, runs on linux.

Plan to install it next week for eval.

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