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port mirroring on a 7206

Is it possible to mirror two ethernet ports on the same blade on a 7206? I would also like to know how it goes with a Cat6513 running IOS. Had problems looking this up on the web. Snoop?? Span?? Port Monitor?? monitor port? These terms don't show up in the IOS command reference page. Maybe because they are not IOS commands?

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Re: port mirroring on a 7206

You cannot SPAN router ports.

SPAN is supported on Catalyst switch products.

For cat6k native you configure a monitor session.

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Re: port mirroring on a 7206

Right you are with the Catalyst 6513 IOS... thx. I wonder if you could set up two static routes on the 7206 and make it "mirror" the traffic. You can set up two static default routes when you want to change the old default to a new one without disrupting the the primary route out (at least wise if they point to the same router). I tried this in-band and didn't get thrown off. You then remove the old default... no disruption. Thanks again!!!!!! No wonder I was having problems researching some non-existant commands. Monitor session is in the IOS command lookup though.

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