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Port Monitoring on Cisco 2950


I have a 2950 which functions as the internet gateway. The internet gateway is connected to int Fa0/1. I also have an application called Web Inspector connected to the same switch. Web Inspector is basically a web traffic monitor and for this reason it needs to see all traffic going through the gateway. I did a port span with fa0/1 as the source and fa0/3 as the destination. The older version of the program supported the use of multiple NICS .. whereby I could use one card in sniffer mode and other in management mode., but the newer version of the software allows only one card and it also neeeds to have the IP stack bound to it.

When I do the span ... the line protocol for the destination port shows as DOWn and as a result I cannot manage the Web Inspector. Is there a way I can monitor a port and still have a server connected to the Mirro destination port respond to IP ?

I would appreciate your help in this matter .




Re: Port Monitoring on Cisco 2950

If it were a Cat OS switch, you could specify the "Inpkts" option on the set span command to allow the receiving of normal inbound traffic on the SPAN destination port. As of 12.1(11) on the 2950, it can't do that.


Cisco Employee

Re: Port Monitoring on Cisco 2950

To add to Steve's comment's, you can use the following documents for reference

A feature similar to inpkts of CAT OS will be available in future IOS

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