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Port NAT questions/problems?

I am trying to use a Cisco 3660 to NAT from our network to a Windows 2000 Server running Citrix MetaFrame. The network is, and the Server side is Our server which is running IIS 5.0 as its web server is listening on port 80, while the Citrix application is listening on port 8080 and 1494. We can see the web pages on the server, therefore, verifying that port 80 is open on the router. However, we cannot pass the Citrix clients through.

I tried using "ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80", however, it blocked the web services that were listening on port 80.

Is there a method to see what ports are open on each interface of the router (something like netstat -a) ? What ports are open by default? Can I set set the router to allow all of the required ports to pass packets? Any suggestions would be greatly appreaciated.



Re: Port NAT questions/problems?

ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80

Shouldnt you be translating only the address from to and leave the port 8080 as it is.... Since port 1494 is also used by Citrix, you should translate even port 1494, to the NAT ip address

So this should look like

ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 8080

ip nat inside source static tcp 1494 1494

Hope that helps.

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