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Port security issues on 2950c switch

We use several 2950c switches and all ports 2-23 are protected with the command "switchport protected". Every now and when laptop users would connect to the port it would work fine and then it wouldn't for the next person that uses the same port. Rebooting will solve the problem 100% of the time, it's as if the port would lock itself. Any troubleshooting ideas? settings? Thanks for your help!

Che B.


Re: Port security issues on 2950c switch

Not much too troublshoot here, it's more of an RTFM issue! This is exactly what the port-security feature does!

Therefore I would kindly advise you to thoroughly read the following:



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Re: Port security issues on 2950c switch

are you serious???? I read it already, which is why it doesn't make sense. I didn't issue the "port security" command, i configured the "switchport protected" command. They are both totally different, aren't they?

Re: Port security issues on 2950c switch


AFAIK both the commands are related to port security but differs in their mode of operation.

Switchport protected allows to block unicast,broadcast,multicast between the other ports.

But on the other hand switchport port-security does take care of the access restrictions on the switch ports based on the MAC address parameters.

it blocks or shuts the port if the mac address limit exceeds the configured value.


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Re: Port security issues on 2950c switch

Thanks for the reply! Here's the config for my ports on the switch:

interface FastEthernet0/3

switchport mode access

switchport protected

no ip address

speed 10

duplex half

spanning-tree portfast

This is all that I've configured, but every now and then, we have guests/clients that wouldn't get any connection because the port is somehow locked up. We would need to reset the switch for the port to come back up. Am I missing another command to resolve this issue? The reason why we issued the "protected port" command is to not allow others to see one another when connected to the same switch. Thanks for your help!

Che B.

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