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Port shutdown


I'm interested to do the following thing:

If one ethernet port in a catalyst switch is going down to shutdown in the same time another port.

Is this possible somehow ?

Why I need this ?

I have the following config:

R1 --- SW --- R2

The links are GE. If the Link between R1 and the SW is broken I need to wait until the routing protocol will notice this. To much time.

It will be much usefull if somehow I can configure that if the SW will notice that the port on which is connected the R1 is down automatically trigger a shutdown to the port to R2.

Is this possible ?

Thank you,


Re: Port shutdown

To the best of my knowledge it is not possible to configure some type of link protocol tracking on the switch and link it to a routing protocol on a router, or to say if port A goes down, shut down port B.

If you have a cat6k and you use interface vlans, you could put one port in the vlan and when the port goes down, the interface vlan will also go down. This is because of auto-state feature.


on the msfc configure vlan 100.

on the cat6k switch configure JUST 1 port in vlan 100 and connect that to the next hop router. Make sure vlan 100 is pruned off all trunks on the switch.

If the switch port in vlan 100 goes down the vlan 100 interface will also go down. The only problem with this, is that if the switch port flaps alot, then this will severely affect routing and have very negative effects.


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