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Power Budget Gigabit SX Multimode Fiber, Power Margin

I looked up power budgets for sx and found a page that described Catalyst 5000. It gave 11.5db as the power margin. I am installing a catalyst 6513 in an area that will not exceed 220 meters end to end. We presently have a mix of older 62.5 MM fiber. I would like to have up to 4 patch panels end to end in the environment. What is the budget using present GBICs? - realistically will it work? Do MM cables get damaged by having a "tight" bend and then being straightened out. I will be working without an OTDR. Thx.


Re: Power Budget Gigabit SX Multimode Fiber, Power Margin

Power Specs for SX GBIC as from CCO:

Transmitter output power - (0/-9.5 dBm) (minimum/maximum)

Receiver sensitivity - (-17 dBm)

Receiver maximum input power - 0 dBm

Yes the more radical the bends the more light loss, you should really get and OTDR or at least a power meter.. as the loss's thru the patch panels are unknown at this point.

If you can get your Fiber cable specs this will help, as older fibre has a higher chromatic dispersion which will not help your cause.

You could use the LX GBIC with the 62.5um fibre, but be aware of the total distances, if you are below 100m and above 300m you will need a modal conditioning patch cord on the recieve end of each link.

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