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Power Supply on 4006

I experienced a strange behaviour on our 4006 two days ago! In our warehouse we have two 4006 (they are connected with a etherchannel) as a backbone, in the access layer we have a mixture of Cisco, 3Com and Alcatel, In short we will change completly to Cisco (2950G-24/48).

Ín the morning I looked up all syslog-messages and here are the results/events:

In the evening some gig-uplinks on one of the 4006 went down and up for no reasons. After about half an hour nearly every connection (connections on modules WS-X4013, WS-X4418-GB, WS-X4424-GB-RJ45) on that 4006 have been impacted by going up and down (%ETHC-5-PORTTOSTP and %ETHC-5-PORTFROMSTP). By the way, not only switches were affected, also servers and routers!

Also the etherchannel was affected by taking away one link of the channel. But only one 4006 was experiencing this behaviour!

45min after the first port went up/down the following messages appeared:

%SYS-2-PS_INSUFFICIENT:Insufficient power supplies operating, this system requires 2 and only has 1

%SYS-2-PS_NFANFAIL:Power supply 2 and power supply fan failed

%SYS-2-PS_NFANFAIL:Power supply 3 and power supply fan failed

%SYS-2-P2_CRIT: 1/Insufficient power supplies for the current chassis configuration

%SYS-2-P2_CRIT: 1/Too few working fans, the chassis will overheat

Shortly after that the messages appeared that the modules 1, 2 and 3 are online again!

Typing in "sh env power" gives me the following results:

Power Budget is : 2 supplies

Power Available to the System (excluding voice power): 750 Watts (62.50 Amps @12V)

Power Drawn from the System (excluding voice power): 305 Watts (25.42 Amps @12V)

Remaining Power (excluding voice power): 445 Watts (37.08 Amps @12V)

Actually, there seems to be no problem at the moment! How could a power supply behave like this?

My conclussion to the events: Due to the fact that the 4006 was not able to handle all the ports, they went down and up just before the power supplies "died" completly!

Also, the outputs from "sh log" gives me the following results:

Re-Boot History:

Bootrom Checksum Failures: 0 UART Failures: 0

Flash Checksum Failures: 0 Flash Program Failures: 0

Power Supply 1 Failures: 1 Power Supply 2 Failures: 2

DRAM Failures: 0

Does this mean I have a power supply problem? Do we just have to change the pwoer supplies?


Re: Power Supply on 4006

Please check the power supplies and dio not forget their power connections. This type of problem may be caused by a bad contact in one of your power circuits. No need to say such a bad contact is also a potential fire hazard. If all checks out fine, you can start to swap power supplies.




Re: Power Supply on 4006

Just by looking at your messages it looks like you lost bulding power to a couple of your power supplies , the 4006's cannot runn on just one power supply and you will get messages like that . To me it looks like you have a building power supply issue . Is each power supply on it's own dedicated circuit ? It looks like power supply 2 and 3 are on the same supply and they lost power to them temporarily . Any power work being done in the building at the time ?

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