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Powering off catalyst 6509

Our main 6509 needs to be powered off for a bit after 3 years of uptime.

Besides saving the configs on the MSFC is there anything else that needs to be considered before shutting it down?


Re: Powering off catalyst 6509


Double-check that your MSFC's IOS running-config and startup-config are the same. If they are not, then copy each to a separate file for future reference, and copy running-config to startup-config.

Catalyst OS config changes are immediate and persist through a reboot. To be safe, get a copy of "show config" and "show config all", to separate files. Whatever's missing from the "show config" are the default settings; you can see what these are in the "show config all" listing.

If you're really paranoid, do a "show version" on the MSFC's IOS and the CatOS to note the version numbers; and copy the IOS and CatOS software to a TFTP server, just in case.

Having said all that, I usually just copy the MSFC's run to start and then power off and on. Never had a problem with a 6500 chassis. But in your situation, after 3 years of uptime, I would sure want to be able to recover quickly from any kind of problem. Three years of uptime -- WOW!

Hope this helps.

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