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ppp callback on AS5400

Ther are multiple E1 ISDN PRI and E1 R2 CAS lines terminating into AS5400. Out of this only one E1 R2 CAS line has dial-out capability and only first 15 channels of this line can dial-out (limitations of the connecting switch wherein the cahnnels of the E1 R2 can either be dial-out or dial-in but cannot be both dial-out and dial-in at the same time. So the same line has been divided into 2 groups, first 15 channels for dial out and last 15 channels for dial-in).

My questions :

1. How can I specify in AS5400 that out of 8 E1s only one line has dial-out capability and therefore the AS5400 should choose only that particular E1 R2 line to dial-out once the Callback has been requested by a Windows client.

2. Restricting further, the dial-out from the AS5400 should only be on the 1st 15 channels of this R2 E1 line

Cisco Employee

Re: ppp callback on AS5400

It would be very easy if you have different dedicated number to dialin for callbcak users. But anyway, here are some issues to worry about. I asume that we are taking about modem calls to be called back.

You can configure NAS to use the trunk line you want for dialout..But it will start hunting for free channels from bottoms-up on E1 line..Now you can change that for top-to-bottom for ISDN line using "isdn bchan-number-order "

Here is the link for that

but not for CAS line. So you need to ask the telco to provision dialout from bottoms-up for dialout.

Now you can use "modem dialout-controller " command under the modem lines so that during callback, only that E1 line is used..Here is the url for that

So you can dedicate 15 modems for callback using that "modem dialout controller" command.

Hope it helps.

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Re: ppp callback on AS5400

Dear Sir,

I have the same problem with you, I have four CE1 which is configured with E1 R2 signal, so I have 120 circuit, my telco provision config 105 of them for dialout, and the rest of the 15 circuits for callin, I have used the command of

"modem dialout controller" in line configuration mode, But it seems not work as the description of Mr. tepatel, Because ppp call back always use the same

line with dialin,Have you already solved the problem? If you do finish the configuration,Please give me some advice. Anyone who know the answer, Please contact me at the following mail address:, Thanks!

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Re: ppp callback on AS5400

I'am sorry,I have solved the problem,Because my telco provivion make a mistake, thanks all

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