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PPP Dial-up configuration

I am configuring a PPP dial-up connection using a 2520 and a 2621. the 2520 is connected to the async modem. the 2621 has 2 ethernet ports, the one is connected to the 2520 and the other one is connected to our main network. after dial-up, the remote PC can ping the 2520 router including the ethernet port of the 2621 that is connected to the 2520. but i cannot ping to our main network. can i configure a router to set a default gateway to a remote PC? or any other way to solve the problem?

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Re: PPP Dial-up configuration

On the 2621 router you need add route to the ip addreses of modem connections on the 2520.

ip route a.a.a.a b.b.b.b c.c.c.c

where a.a.a.a - network address used for modem connections

b.b.b.b - mask

c.c.c.c - ip address of 2520s Ethernet interface

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Re: PPP Dial-up configuration

Thank you very much, but i had it already configured using rip. when i access the router 2520, i can ping all the stations in our main network. but the only problem is when i ping using the dial up connection. by the way, the remote PC is in the same network segment with the ethernet ports of the 2520 and 2621 routers.

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