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PPP multilink between a 3640 and a ISDN Modem.

I am currently having a PPP multilink problem between a 3640 and a ISDN Modem (Motorola BitSurfer). On the 3640 I have a dialer interface (Di1) configured for ISDN dialin. This works fine as it does not have a the " PPP multilink" statement. If a second dialer interface (Di2) is configured and has the "PPP multilink" statement then the call gets dropped - no multilinking is negotiated. I need to get the multilinking working. The access is a PRI so there are plenty of channels available. Do I need to have seperate Dialer Interfaces configured for each call type. One for Multilink - 128K and another for Singlelink - 64K.

How do I resolve the multink ppp issue?

On the client side I am running windows 2000 and on the DUN account I specify that it must dial 128K,MSCHAP.

Am I still missing something on the client configuration?


Re: PPP multilink between a 3640 and a ISDN Modem.

There are at least a few ways to accomplish

this, depending on what you want exactly.

You can use Legacy DDR, and configure everything

under the physical PRI interface. You enable MPPP

there, and if the client requests MPPP it will be

negotiated. If you want to limit some users to one

connection, you can use either AAA or the "user-maxlinks"

option under the local username command.

If you want to use Dialer Profiles such that every

user has their own profile, there will be more to the

configuration but this is possible, too. The question is

one of binding inbound calls, however; if CLID is being

delivered, then you can bind with the

"dialer-caller" command and only configure MPPP on

those dialer interfaces (dialer profiles) that you want

MPPP enabled; on all others, and on the physical

interfaces, you do NOT enable MPPP. If CLID is not always

available, then you will have to bind on the authenticated

username, which means you have to enable MPPP on the

physical interface. This means that you would have to limit

the number of connections per-profile (since anyone

can have MPPP negotiated now) with the command

"ppp mult link max" command.

I would suggest you use the first solution; it's easier

to maintain.

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