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prevent static IP address from dialing in

Users are dialing in to a 3600 and get a dynamic IP from a pool. DNS info is hard coded at each client and needs to stay that way. A client hard coded their host IP address as the DNS address by mistake and DNS was down during their session. Not Good. How do I prevent this from happening again? Can I deny the DNS address specifically somehow on the dialer interface without affecting other clients and causing the host with the dup to get kicked out? 3600 Platform Thanks


Re: prevent static IP address from dialing in

What you want to control is the IP

address that is agreed upon with the

remote. If you have a pool assigned,

the address that we agree to for the

peer MUST be in the pool. However, if

the client insists on using it's

configured address, the two PPP peers

could "agree to not agree" about an

IP address, such that the cisco doesn't

know the clients address and the client

uses whatever it wants. To prevent

this from occuring, try the command

"ppp ipcp address required". In that

case if the peer does not agree to our

suggested address to them, they will

be disconnected.

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