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Prioritize voice traffic

I have an IP voice switch connected to my Catalyst 3524 Switch. How do I prioritize traffic from my voice switch which travels on UDP Port 5004. The Catalyst 3524 is also connected to a 2621 router, How do I prioritize the voice traffic on the router?

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Re: Prioritize voice traffic

3524 is layer 2 switch and hence it won't be able to look at Layer 3 ip precedence/ DSCP bits.

It does look at layer 2 COS values. The port by default trusts the incoming COS value.

You can configure per-port prioritization with the "switchport priority default <0-7> ". This will prioritize the traffic on this port which is not tagged with COS value. You won't able to define ACLs to match only that UDP port traffic though.

for more information check out the following

you need to provide us information on whether the packets hitting the switch has DSCP/IP precedence marked coming from your voice switch.

As far as routers are concerned, check to make sure any kind of MQC featues are supported on them.

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