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priv exec level

we recently removed priv exec level 15,

'no priv exec level 15 show'

But, now 'priv exec level 1 show' appears in running config.

Is there a way to get back to 'default', where no priv exec commands show in config?


Re: priv exec level

The default is set at 15 for the level. So I think you should set it back to priv exec level 15 show, to go back to defaults.

Or did I get your question wrong ???

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Re: priv exec level

As far as I know, user exec level (1) can use 'show' commands. Implementing this command;

'priv exec level 15 show'

requires the user to be in "enable" mode in order to use show commands. I wanted to go back to default of using show commands at user exec level (1), however this forces this command to show in running config;

'priv exec level 1 show'

and I was wondering why it does not appear in default configurations that have not have priv level modifications.

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Re: priv exec level


u can easily remove the priv exec level command by using the following command ...

router(config)#privilege exec reset "the command u want to remove"

hope this will definitely solve ur problem...

Amit Shrivastava

Network Engineer

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